Tile & Grout Cleaning

Are you tired of getting on your hands and knees to clean your tile and grout? It seems like a never ending project doesn't it? Let us come out and do a FREE demo for you and amaze you with a new tool we have that will restore your tile and grout, and it won't take days like the old way.

We apply a cleaner to the tile and grout that helps to release the dirt. Then using our Truck Mounted Equipment and a special cleaning tool, we apply 200 degree water at 800-1200 psi into the tile and grout blasting all the dirt out of the fine pours. While the water is being applied, we are constantly sucking the water and dirt out to leave the tile and grout clean.Notice the difference in the clean tan grout from the dirty grout.

I only have time for a few free demo's every month, so give us a call. We will come out and do a pre-inspection on your tile and grout.

And then we will do a small demo area to show you how it will look when we are done.

We will be happy to answer any questions you have and we will give you a quote while we are there.

Look at the before and after images of one of our recent tile & grout cleaning jobs.

Did you know that when you mop your tile floor you actually fill in the pours with dirty water?

Dear Darwin and Lori,

"Thank You! My floor looks new again. I am so pleased with the results. Your new machine works wonders. My husband agrees that this is definitely the way to go from now on." - JoAnn White

Here are some additional before and after photos. Notice the grout lines.